Berrywell Eyelash Tint 3.1 Light Brown 15ml

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Considered the most subtle of the browns. It gently accents light blond to light brown eyebrows and lashes. For all those who find Natural Brown to be too dark, BERRYWELL no. 3.1 Light Brown is the perfect alternative. It is particularly blond-haired customers who prefer the discrete emphasis on the eyebrows. Augenblick A momentary blink of the eye is the keyword which is all about eyebrow and lash colours by BERRYWELL. It stands for the goal of the colouring process: pronounced eyes and an unforgettable look. Here the eyebrow and lash colours create the ideal extension to the brilliant hair colours of BERRYWELL. Whats more, due to the variety of the shades available, lashes and eyebrows can be perfectly coordinated to virtually every hair colour. BERRYWELL eyebrow and lash colours make the lashes look captivatingly long and voluminous. That is because BERRYWELL colours dig deep into every hair, up to the furthest front tip. Eyebrows will love BERRYWELL too: light browns can be easily highlighted with dark colouring and dark ones can be lightened.


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