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Beauty House Professionals launched its business with the intentions of making sure we gave you and your clients an avenue to efficiently source salon professional products through several sales channels quick and easily, so it allowed you to return your focus on creating & delivering on your strategic business goals, and more importantly delivering to the needs of your clients.  The Hair and Beauty industry as like many others is more competitive now then ever, which means finding your point of difference in our market will be an ongoing evolution. It is no longer enough to only deliver great customer service; competitive prices and a one size fits all product line. That is where our company has adapted to make sure that we have skills that can enable you with the tools, practices and behaviours that will help you shape what success looks like for you, as we strive on the success of others and being a part of your journey is what we value the most because we are here to make a difference, so you can make a difference.

Why we stay motivated

The experience over our professional career opened our eyes to a world of businesses that all had one thing in common. “Everything that was done, evolved around the customer centricity, from developing people persona and empathy maps, developing customer prototypes, providing two-way feedback channels, testing new ideas more frequently and adapting quicker to the needs of the customer by putting the control back into the customers hands”. This change in mentality will give you confidence that what you do is designed around the customer wants and needs, delivering you higher business success rates, high customer retention, great work satisfaction, and a work environment that will invigorate you daily. No matter what industry you are in you need to love waking up every day knowing what it is you want to achieve, how are you going to make a difference and be excited about doing what you have planned to do. “Find the difference, See the difference, Make the difference”.

Working towards our pillars of success

Customer Lead Experience Operational Innovation, Design & EfficienciesSkills of the FuturePeople & Culture
Our experience today will only be better tomorrow as we expand across delivering to the needs of our customers.
Future led processes and practices, artificial intelligence, and next gen operating models to create cost effective business and supply solutions.
Revolutionary skills to equip our staff to deliver high quality outcomes, with tailored learning experience and knowledge to deliver industry leading changes.
World class people and culture models that create a thriving working environment and an employer of choice.


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